Star Wars Reads Day IISaturday, October 5
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Last year, Thomas Memorial Library was one of only eight official event sites in Maine to host the first annual Star Wars Reads Day. Once again the library will be hosting an afternoon of events celebrating all things Star Wars.  


  • Make a Light Saber! while supplies last
  • Use your Light Saber to fight a Clone Trooper balloon army!
  • Make a Jedi apprentice robe! while supplies last
  • Tie Fighter Shoot Down game! 
  • Proton Torpedo Toss game!
  • Have your picture taken in our Land Speeder!
  • Join a team and compete to rescue Han Solo from carbonite!
  • Death Star Piñata:  May the force be with you as you use your Jedi skills to attempt to destroy the Death Star!

If you are a middle or high school student (or an adult) and a Star Wars enthusiast and you would like to help out with Star Wars Reads Day, please contact Rachel Davis.

For more information about last year’s Star Wars Reads Day, please click here.

Stormtrooper with book

About Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Reads Day is a national event that celebrates reading and Star Wars. It was created in 2012 by Lucasfilm and its publishing partners–Abrams, Chronicle Books, Dark Horse, Del Rey, DK Publishing, Random House Audio, Scholastic, Titan Magazines and Workman. This was the first time a group of publishers had worked together on such a massive event. There were over 1000 Star Wars Reads events across the country in 2012.
We are so pleased to have been one of the hosts!

Rachel and Rick with the Land Speeder