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Tuesday, May 19
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

A discussion about opportunities that are becoming evident or are just beneath the surface because of Covid 19. Chaos, crisis and uncertainty are usually the leading edge of transformation. Whether elective or forced, change is a major and constant part of life. Sometimes it comes at such a fast pace it is hard to make sense of the unfolding while in the midst of the chaos, feelings and adjustments needed to consider a new normal. As this “crisis” unfolds, join a discussion and exploration on what this moment possibly means on a personal and collective basis. We will explore psychosocial, psychological, environmental and historical angles. The hope is to build perspective, share insights and stay grounded as we accept our role as participants and agents of change. Join Hughes Kraft, a licensed clinical counselor and naturalist as he provides some thoughts and leads a discussion on this promise of change.


Hughes KraftAbout Hughes Kraft

Hughes Kraft LCPC, LADC has been a practicing psychotherapist in private practice for 20+ years in Portland.

His current focus is working with men in transition and transformation as they move through the middle years of life and relationship.

He spends time outside anyway he can and is a fan of the environments’ ability to restore order.

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