Commonsense Media: Family movie reviews, family movies, family films, movie rental reviews, and reviews of TV shows, video games, music CDs, books, magazines and web sites.

Critics Rant: A opinionated “multi-author blog which reviews and rants about everything film and TV. From DVDs, to new theater releases to primetime TV shows that are released to DVD.”

Film Hosts more than 7,500 movie reviews and feature stories contributed by 20-some critics located throughout the world. Provides reviews of movies in theaters and on DVD.

Internet Movie Database: One-stop source for comprehensive movie & television reviews and more.

Kids in Mind: Provides reviews and ratings of movies and DVDs in order to “provide parents and other adults with objective and complete information about a film’s content so that they can decide, based on their own value system, whether they should watch a movie with or without their kids.”

Media Provides a searchable database of DVD reviews, plus tips on building your own “essential DVD library.” Provides access to and summarizes “the vast amount of entertainment criticism available online,” including critical information about film, video, music, games, books and television.

National Public Radio Movies: Listen to stories about topics related to movies, as well as movie reviews.

New York Times Movie Section: Movie reviews and related coverage from the New York Times.

Roger Ebert Reviews at the Chicago Sun Times: Read reviews and commentary about movies in theaters and on DVD, as well as find information about actors, directors, and the film industry.

Rotten Tomatoes: New movie reviews and previews; organizes and collects all of the reviews from a variety of sources (newspaper, online, magazines) and averages them into a single score.