Maine Natural History Series

This spring, we’ve put together four special programs that we hope will promote appreciation for Maine’s flora, fauna, and natural spaces.

We hope you will join us!








coyote in field of flowersCoyote: America’s Songdog

An audiovisual presentation exploring the presence of coyotes in Maine featuring conservation biologist Geri Vistein.  Click here for details!



Monarch on a Butterfly BushButterfly Gardening

Learn how to attract butterflies to your garden with butterfly expert Pat Snyder.  We will be giving away seeds, and you’ll have a chance to win a butterfly bush!  Click here for details.


Blue jay feather illegalDoes Owning that Bird Feather Make You an Outlaw?

Did you know that owning any part of a bird in Maine is illegal?  Master Naturalist Erika Rhile will explain why, and share fascinating true stories about the illegal wildlife trade in Maine.  Click here for details.


sketch of nest and eggs on notebook paperNature Journaling Workshop

Master Naturalist Sharon Gallant will help participants learn the beautiful art and craft of keeping a nature journal. Click here for details.