Follow the directions below to make it easier to transfer Overdrive WMA files to your iTunes library.
  1. Open iTunes and minimize it
  2. Open Overdrive Media Console
  3. Highlight the audiobook you want to transfer
  4. Connect your iPod or other Apple device to your PC
  5. Click Transfer
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Next again.  Here, Overdrive Media Console tells you to adjust iTunes AAC encoder import setting to Spoken in Podcast.
    1. Maximize iTunes
    2. Click Edit
    3. Click Preferences (This should take you to the General tab)
    4. Click Import Settings
    5. Click the Down Arrow in the Setting Box
    6. Choose Spoken Podcast from the list
      Click OK in the small Import Settings window
    7. Click OK in the iTunes window
    8. Minimize iTunes
    9. Click Refresh in Over Drive Media Console Transfer Wizard window
    10. Click Next
    11. Wait for the transfer to complete.  It will be slow, but not as slow as it would be if you had not changed the import setting.
  8. When the transfer is complete, Maximize the iTunes window and change the AAC Encoder Import Setting back to iTunes Plus or whatever setting you were using before.
  9. Sync your iPod with Itunes.