Nathan Hale
I survived the sinking of the Titanic, 1912 / adapted by Georgia Ball ; with art by Haus Studio ; pencils by Gervasio ; inks by Jok and Carlos Aón ; colors by Lara Lee.
Mister invincible : local hero / Pascal Jousselin ; edited by Mike Kennedy.
Lily the thief / Janne Kukkonen ; color by Kévin Bazot ; English translation by Lola Rogers.
Big Nate : hug it out! / by Lincoln Peirce.
Stig & Tilde. Vanisher
Stig & Tilde. Leader of the pack / Max de Radiguès ; translation by Marie Bédrune.
Star Wars : the original trilogy : a graphic novel / adapted from the films by George Lucas.
The runaway princess / Johan Troïanowski ; translation by Anne and Owen Smith.