Baby-sitters little sister. 1, Karen
Baby-sitters little sister. 2, Karen
The Baby-sitters Club. 8, Logan likes Mary Anne! / a graphic novel by Gale Galligan ; with color by Braden Lamb.
Cassandra, animal psychic, #1. Cassandra steps out / story by Isabelle Bottier ; illustrations by Helene Canac ; coloring by Drac ; translation by Norwyn MacTire.
Cassandra, animal psychic. #2, Out on a limb / story by Isabelle Bottier ; illustrations by Helene Canac ; coloring by Drac.
Monkey & Robot : friends and neighbors / Peter Catalanotto.
Sounds all around / by James Chapman.
The Weirn books. 1, Be wary of the silent woods / Svetlana Chmakova ; Effie Lealand, Melissa McCommon, coloring assistants ; Young Kim, Effie Lealand, inking assistants ; JuYoun Lee, lettering.
Happy Narwhalidays / Ben Clanton.
Cub / Cynthia L. Copeland ; colors by Ronda Pattison.
Class act / Jerry Craft.
When you look up / written and illustrated by Decur ; translated from the Spanish by Chloe Garcia Roberts.
Surfside girls. [1], The secret of Danger Point / Kim Dwinell.
Maurice and his dictionary : a true story / written by Cary Fagan ; illustrated by Enzo Lord Mariano.
Shirley & Jamila save their summer / Gillian Goerz.
Jo : an adaptation of Little Women (sort of) / Kathleen Gros.
Mighty Jack and Zita the spacegirl / Ben Hatke ; color by Alex Campbell and Hilary Sycamore.
History comics. The great Chicago fire : rising from the ashes / written by Kate Hannigan ; art by Alex Graudins.
History comics. The Roanoke Colony : America
A cat story / Ursula Murray Husted.
The Breakaways / Cathy G. Johnson ; colors by Kevin Czap.
Emiline : knight in training / by Kimberli Johnson ; lettered by Crank!.
Twins / written by Varian Johnson ; illustrated by Shannon Wright.
Bug boys. 1 / by Laura Knetzger ; colored by Lyle Lynde.
The singing rock & other brand-new fairy tales / written by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer ; artwork by Simini Blocker.
Ants don
Real pigeons fight crime / Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood.
Insect superpowers : 18 real bugs that smash, zap, hypnotize, sting, and devour! / by Kate Messner ; illustrated by Jillian Nickell.
Primer : a superhero graphic novel / written by Jennifer Muro & Thomas Krajewski ; art by Gretel Lusky ; letters by Wes Abbott.
Stanislaw Lem
The Tea Dragon Festival / written & illustrated by Katie O
The postman from outer space / by Guillaume Perreault ; translated by Françoise Bui.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Book five, The last Olympian : the graphic novel / by Rick Riordan ; adapted by Robert Venditti ; art by Orpheus Collar and Antoine Dodé; lettering by Chris Dickey.
Nat enough / Maria Scrivan.
Forget me Nat / Maria Scrivan.
Survivors of the holocaust : true stories of six extraordinary children / edited by Kath Shackleton ; illustrated by Zane Whittingham.
Yorick and Bones / Jeremy Tankard and Hermione Tankard.
Kai and the Monkey King / Joe Todd Stanton.
The runaway princess / Johan Troïanowski ; translation by Anne and Owen Smith.
Kerry and the knight of the forest / Andi Watson.
Go with the flow / Lily Williams & Karen Schneemann.
Séance tea party / Reimena Yee.