Stand like a cedar / Nicola I. Campbell, Carrielynn Victor.
The most amazing bird / written by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak ; illustrated by Andrew Qappik, CM.
Feel the fog / April Pulley Sayre.
The egg / [written and illustrated] by Geraldo Valério.
Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs / as retold by Mo Willems.
The cot in the living room / Hilda Eunice Burgos ; illustrated by Gaby D
Carmela full of wishes / Matt de la Peña ; Christian Robinson.
The magical yet / words by Angela DiTerlizzi ; art by Lorena Alvarez.
How to wear a sari / Darshana Khiani ; illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff.
Josie dances / Denise Lajimodiere ; illustrations by Angela Erdrich.
My first day / written and illustrated by Phùng Nguyên Quang & Huỳnh Kim Liên.
Jenny Mei is sad / by Tracy Subisak.
A map into the world / Kao Kalia Yang ; illustrated by Seo Kim.
Grandpa across the ocean / Hyewon Yum.
A pizza with everything on it / by Kyle Scheele ; illustrated by Andy J. Pizza.
Butts are everywhere / words by Jonathan Stutzman ; pictures by Heather Fox.
The oboe goes boom boom boom / by Colleen AF Venable ; illustrated by Lian Cho.
Along the Tapajós / written and illustrated by Fernando Vilela ; translated by Daniel Hahn.
Angel in Beijing / Belle Yang.
Magic ramen : the story of Momofuku Ando / written by Andrea Wang ; illustrated by Kana Urbanowicz.
Dr. Fauci : how a boy from Brooklyn became America
The gravity tree : the true story of a tree that inspired the world / by Anna Crowley Redding ; illustrated by Yasmin Imamura.
Flying paintings : the Zhou brothers : a story of revolution and art / Amy Alznauer ; paintings by ShanZuo Zhou and DaHuang Zhou.