The Mystwick School of Musicraft / by Jessica Khoury ; illustrated by Federica Frenna.
Whispering Pines / Heidi Lang & Kati Bartkowski.
Glitch / Laura Martin.
The wild path / Sarah R. Baughman.
Alone in the woods / Rebecca Behrens.
A high five for Glenn Burke / Phil Bildner.
The canyon
The great pet heist / Emily Ecton ; art by Dave Mottram.
96 miles / J. L. Esplin.
Dress coded / Carrie Firestone.
What lane? / Torrey Maldonado.
Merci Suárez can
The beast and the Bethany / by Jack Meggitt-Phillips ; illustrated by Isabelle Follath.
Black brother, black brother / Jewell Parker Rhodes.