Children at story timeWe structure our story times to be developmentally appropriate for children at different stages of development.  Story times at the library are often a child’s first experience with structured group activity, which can serve as valuable preparation for preschool and kindergarten.  Here children can learn essential listening skills, practice following directions, and learn to respect and work with others. You can help your child get the most out of our children’s programs by modeling these skills.

  • It’s hard for children to appreciate a story if they miss the beginning, and it’s disruptive to others in attendance when latecomers arrive, so we ask that you please try to arrive on time.  
  • Our programs are designed to allow plenty of time for movement and activity.  Please help your child learn when it is appropriate to move around, and when it’s time to sit still and listen.  If the program just isn’t working for your child, please feel free to take them out of the room, and try again later.  With practice and guidance, even the most rambunctious children will learn when it’s time to sit and when it’s okay to move around.  Please supervise your children and guide them toward appropriate activities and behavior. 
  • Your children are always watching you and learning from you.  If they see you talking to other grown-ups during stories or not paying attention to the program, they will conclude that it’s not necessary to pay attention at all. 
  • The listening skills children learn at story time will not only give them an advantage when beginning preschool, but also help them get the most out of other public events they might attend. (It is also very distracting to others to hear adults throughout the room talking during the program.)  Please help your child by modeling good listening skills.

Thank you!  

We look forward to seeing you and your children at story times!

Rachel, Rick and Kiah